Debanhi will collect and reflect on her learning here. :)


May 2012

I made a Voki about the solar system.
I like that I use the words Also, another and did you know.
Next time, I willadd more spicy words.

January 2012

I am proud of getting my reading levels higher. In 2012 I would like to learn how to write more spelling words.

Speaking Skills

November 2011

This is a clip of me talking about communities and how i perefer to live in a urben communities this is going to show you why ...... i perfer to live in a urban communities.

‍I like that I sade everything in completle sentens.

Next time, I will work on adding more details when I talk.

Reading Skills


This is a clip of me reading part of "James Ale".

‍I like that I read the words correctly.

Next time, I will work on reading louder.

One reading strategy I like to use is

Writing Skills

October 2011

I wrote about how lase year i got hert my pinck stuke to the window they almost had to cut it o

‍I like that I got all my sentences right like drawings and capitul letters.

Next time, I will work on punctuation.
December IMG_0540.JPG
I wrote about that i woud like to plant a zizinia
I like that I rowt in compliyt sencecinc
Next time, i wil work to spell words right.

‍About Me

My name is Debanhi. I like to go to school. I like math. My favorite thing to do is go on the computer. I like to play games in my room and watch tv .My favroite ice creme is vanela.