I am collecting and reflecting on my teaching and learning, too!

January 2012
One thing I am proud of is the Main Lobby display at Richland that Mrs. DiStefano and I created to showcase student writing. I am proud of my students' original poems. They are "five senses" poems about features of winter: snowflakes, ice, and snowmen. I hope that many people will enjoy reading them during the month of January!



Reading Skills

November 2011
Listen to me reading aloud one of my favorite poems.

I like that I read this poem with fluency and expression. I think that I demonstrated the meaning of the poem.

The next time I read aloud, I will try to work on my pacing. I think I paused where I shouldn't have in two places near the beginning of the poem.


One reading strategy I enjoyed using and sharing this fall was visualization. To me, visualization means creating a picture or movie in your mind as you read. For example, when I visualize a haunted house I picture a large old home on the top of a hill at

night. It has one or two broken windows, creaky stairs, and spiders and other nocturnal animals crawling into the corners. I can see, here, feel, maybe even smell the haunted house as I visualize. It's creepy but exciting!

About Me

I am an English as a Second Language teacher for students in grades K-5 at Richland Elementary School in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. I enjoy spending time traveling and spending time with my husband Rob and our cat Nigel. I love to read, write, and play math games with my students. This is my first Wikispace, and I am having fun trying it out!

"We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can."
Taoist Proverb